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9 Channel
Ot Shabata do Shabata
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War And Peace
9 Channel – Good Morning, Israel!
9 Channel
Good Morning, Israel!
19 august 2014
Miller Miami
Dear colleagues, top of the day!
Long long time ago, when there were no ban on beer advirtisement on TV, we've made us some good CG for those refreshing carbonizing bewerages. But then was then, and now is now!) And now we are in luck again, as we have managed to participate in creation of a small but very porud beer ad
28 july 2014
9 Channel Ot Shabata do Shabata
There two main things we crave this summer: hot water in the tub and something cool, so that we don't melt. We can't fix you with some good plumbering, but what we can do is to show you our stylish, "crystallish" openening for "Ot Shabata do Shabata" news program. If we would describe it with a single word - the word would be "cool". Trehmer's special for sunny Israel
16 july 2014
9 Channel War and Peace
Designers job is to be part of an eternal and an uneven struggle. Every time, each topic, even most vulgar of them, must be stylized to be smarter and generally better than before. For example the Newscasts must satisfy the ever-growing audience's expectations, even if by one iota. One of such steps in quality were made by us, but why it is even a thing - that we'll tell you later ;)
11 july 2014
9 channel
Finally we have an opportunity to brag about how we designed 9th Israeli Channel's look. Joyful ring of alarm clock, family breakfast, sport, active leisure, shopping, fantasy colors and active motion - such a stream of images can wake up any hard working man, no matter how drowsy. And all that - just for the sake of tuning you on to "Good morning Israel!" as soon as you see the opener
28 may 2014
Character design, 3D graphics and animation are tough by themselves. At the very least the character is always in the spotlight. YOu may most certainly remember how one hamster made us wake up famous. Now we got a life time opportunity to move one step further (though it is a great leap for the hamster kind in advertisement). We've built a new hamster head, grew great fur on it, animated it (the result is on ar with motion capture techniques) and planted it on an live action person's shoulders. 

Directed by our unsubstitutable Dmitry Venikov and finished up by our designers -this spot was a real test if professionalism. But the result was worth it ссылка
14 may 2014
Lesnoy Balsam
Fluids are an amazing kind of things. Even ancient people used them in their mundane business, but we still can't shape them. They are most unpredictable. We've started to understand, that each fluid's particle are influenced by hundreds of different forces and moved by hundreds of different equations, unique foreach particle.
Photorealistic simulated fluid must not provoke even a doubt about the nature of its movement. Most of the times, when simulated water is needed, it is needed to be even better than natural, every drop must fall in its place. 

Such simulation is only achievable by best spacialists using best hard and soft ware. These specialists not only work, but also learn all the time, so that they are on par with modern tech. 

And we actually have such specialists. To test their greatness, you can check out our "Forest Balm" spot. You'll see that we are not only able to make pretty vulgar info graphics and modeling, but also can do really challenging stuff